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The Rematch! Aoki Vs. “Mach” II Announced

March 19, 2009 1 comment
Aoki, Sasahara, "Mach", and the Belts. -

Aoki, Sasahara, "Mach", and the Belts. -

The rumored fight is now official as Shinya Aoki vs. Hayato “Mach” Sakurai was announced as a first round match-up for the DREAM Welterweight GP which kicks off on April 5th.

Update: The rest of the GP line-up is planned to be announced next week. The event will consist of 9 or 10 fights. One of the four last spots might be given to another Japanese fighter.

OLYMPIA DREAM.8 Welterweight GP 2009 1st Round
Date: April 5th, 2009
Place: Nippon Gaishi Hall in Nagoya, Japan

Welterweight GP Fight:
Shinya Aoki vs. Hayato “Mach” Sakurai

Welterweight GP Participants:
Seichi Ikemoto
Yuya Shirai

Featherweight GP Fight:
Hideo Tokoro vs. DJ.taiki

88 kg/194 lbs Fight:
Minowaman vs. Katsuyori Shibata

Middleweight Fight:
Andrews Nakahara vs. Zelg “Benkei” Galesic

Possible GP Participants:
Andre Galvao
Marcello Garcia
John Alessio

Possible Participants:
Ronaldo Jacare
Gegard Mousasi


Shirai Victorious! Aoki Vs. “Mach” II In First Round?

March 14, 2009 4 comments
Shirai choked out Yoon. -

Shirai choked out Yoon. -

Yuya Shirai defeated Korean Yoon Young Kim via rear naked choke in the third round at the clubDEEP event in Tokyo today. This victory will get him one of the eight spots in the first round of the DREAM Welterweight GP that starts on April 5th. Shirai will fight in front of his friends and family in April since he is from the Aichi prefecture where the event will take place.

In other DREAM.8 news, according to, Shinya Aoki vs. Hayato “Mach” Sakurai will be one of the first round fights of the GP. These two fought before in SHOOTO just before the awesome PRIDE Lightweight GP in 2005. That was another fight in which I disagreed with the decision.

This is an event where I really understand what the event producers are trying to do. Shirai is from the prefecture where the event takes place, Minowaman/Shibata and Aoki/Sakurai are fights that will draw a crowd (this event doesn’t have a prime time TV slot), and the producers are hoping that Japanese Brazilians, many of which live in Aichi, will attend and support Andrews Nakahara (look at the number of Brazilians who are (possible) participants of the event).

Many of the Japanese Brazilian workers in Nagoya bought tickets when Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira participated in PRIDE events that were held there.

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DREAM Open-Weight GP This Year?! DREAM.8 Poster

March 10, 2009 9 comments

DREAM.7 and its horrible refereeing is over. With the event receiving quite low ratings (even though it was a past midnight timeslot) something has to be done. This blog has a new post about a newspaper article saying that DREAM will hold an open-weight GP this summer. DREAM EP Sasahara is quoted in the article as saying that he wants it to be the same scale as the IWGP tournaments (in the 1980’s). He also says that he wants to negotiate with Fedor.

Sasahara said at the post DREAM.7 press conference that he will consider Kawajiri’s proposal of a Lightweight number 1 contender fight between himself and J.Z.Calvan at DREAM.9 in May.

In other DREAM news, the poster for DREAM.8 has been released and it includes Katsuyori Shibata, Hideo Tokoro, Minowaman, Hayato “Mach” Sakurai, Shinya Aoki, and Ronaldo Jacare.

Update: Yuya Shirai vs. Yoon Young Kim at clubDEEP on March 14th will be a DREAM Welterweight GP qualifier.


DREAM.8! Two GP Participants Announced

February 12, 2009 7 comments

Two GP participants were announced for the first round of the Welterweight GP taking place at DREAM.8 in April. They are Hayato “Mach” Sakurai and Shinya Aoki. Also announced was that the winner of Seichi Ikemoto and Hidetaka Monma at DEEP 40 IMPACT on the 20th will get a spot in the GP. Minowaman was announced as a non-GP fight participant.

Update: Aoki asked DREAM EP Sasahara how ticket sales for DREAM.7 are going. He asked if it is all right if he doesn’t participate and asked for a fight before the GP. Sasahara looked a little puzzled and said that he cannot answer that right now.

If people don’t quite understand Aoki’s comments above I’ll try to explain. He is not asking if he can get off the hook and not fight at DREAM.7. First he asks about how ticket sales are going, then he says something like: “Is it REALLY OK if I don’t participate?” Then he asks Sasahara to let him participate since he is already preparing. He is “arrogant”/thinks he is a big draw/thinks highly of himself/joking.

OLYMPIA DREAM.8 Welterweight GP 2009 1st Round
Date: April 5th, 2009
Place: Nippon Gaishi Hall in Nagoya, Japan

Welterweight GP Participants:
Shinya Aoki
Hayato “Mach” Sakurai
Seichi Ikemoto/Hidetaka Monma

Unknown Fight:
Minowaman vs. TBA

Possible GP Participants:
Andre Galvao

Awakened! DREAM 2009 Plans

January 2, 2009 2 comments

Dynamite!! is over and it was a good event. The DREAM fighters who fought under K-1 rules did awesome. It was a real pity that Hansen couldn’t fight but hopefully we will see the fight in a DREAM event in 2009 for the belt. Speaking of DREAM in 2009, the initial plans have already been spoken about…

  • As expected there will be a Featherweight GP and a Welterweight GP in 2009. It is not clear yet if the Welterweight GP will be 8 or 16-man, but it will most likely revolve around Shinya Aoki and Hayato “Mach” Sakurai.
  • The first DREAM event of 2009 will be held in early March. The Featherweight GP might start at this event.
  • There will be around the same number of DREAM events in 2009 as in 2008.
  • Champions in the Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight divisions are planned to be crowned in 2009.

FEG president Tanigawa also said that there were plans of holding the new years eve event together with World Victory Road but in the end it didn’t happen.

The Battle Between Two Celebrities Brothers! Sakaguchi Vs. Ologun

December 24, 2008 14 comments

Two new fights were announced for Dynamite!! today. As rumored, Yukio Sakaguchi will take on Andy Ologun in an MMA rules fight which should be entertaining. This is a battle between Kenji Sakaguchi’s older brother and Bobby Ologun’s younger brother. In the second announced fight, Hayato “Mach” Sakurai will take on Katsuyori Shibata (who was actually the second guy I thought of when I read 10th dan in faints).

Update: Neither fight has a contracted weight set right now. However, the Sakurai vs. Shibata fight is said to be fought around 81 kg, which is almost exactly in between DREAM’s Welterweight and Middleweight divisions.

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New Fights Announced! One Choi In Each

December 18, 2008 3 comments

Two Heavyweight fights were announced today for the year end/start cards. For Dynamite!! the already known Mirko CroCop vs. Choi Hong Man fight was officially announced and for the SENGOKU card, Dave Herman will make his debut against PRIDE & SENGOKU veteran Choi Mu Bae. The CroCop vs. Choi will be fought under MMA rules.

Update: CHM is doing special training under Yoon Dong Sik in Korea for this fight.

Update #2: 4-5 fights left to be announced for the Dynamite!! card. These fights will include Yukio Sakaguchi (Kenji Sakaguchi’s older brother), Minowaman, Hayato “Mach” Sakurai, and a foreigner.

Yukio Sakaguchi vs. TBA (Andy Ologun rumored)
Hayato “Mach” Sakurai vs. TBA (Nick Diaz? Jake Shields?)
Minowaman vs. TBA (Errol Zimmerman rumored)
Foreigner vs. TBA
Maybe TBA vs. TBA

Update #3: KID will 100% not participate.

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