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Miyata Returns! DEEP Debut

March 30, 2009 Leave a comment
Miyata is back. -

Miyata is back. -

DREAM Lightweight GP participant Kazuyuki Miyata will finally return to the MMA ring on April 16th at DEEP 41 IMPACT as he takes on recently-turned 20 year old Korean So Ji-Hyon(?) in a 67 kg fight.

Miyata is looking at 65 kg as his future weight class and this is the first step toward that. The Korean is a BJJ player who according to DEEP’s Saeki has won many BJJ medals in South Korea.

Miyata Writes About Weight Cutting! Wants 3% Body Fat

February 10, 2009 1 comment

Kazuyuki Miyata wrote a post on his blog about what his body fat percentage would be if he cuts to around 64-65 kg. His current body fat is around 7-8% and he weighs 71 kg. If he drops to 65 kg and loses only fat he would have under 0% body fat. Since that is impossible he is aiming for 3%.

If his destination is the DREAM Featherweight GP (probably around 63 kg) it will be a tough cut for him weighing 71 kg with one month to go.

Miyata Makes FWGP Appeal! Brave Gym Opening Ceremony

January 26, 2009 7 comments
Miyata And Tanigawa. -

Miyata And Tanigawa. -

Kazuyuki Miyata made an appeal to join the DREAM Featherweight GP to FEG President Sadaharu Tanigawa at the opening ceremony of his new gym called “Brave” today. Tanigawa responded that because it is not for him to decide, he will tell DREAM Event Producer Keiichi Sasahara about it.

Some notable fighters present at the ceremony were Hayato “Mach” Sakurai, Mitsuhiro Ishida, Michihiro Omigawa, and Naoya Uematsu.

In related news, there is a new post at about a couple of other fighters who might participate in DREAM’s Featherweight GP. They are Takafumi Otsuka and the winner of a fight which I don’t think has been officially announced yet for DEEP 40, DJ.taiki vs. SHOJI.