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Roger Gracie Officially Out! Trevor Prangley To Participate In DREAM?

September 22, 2008 Leave a comment

WVR announced on the SENGOKU website today that Roger Gracie will not participate at SENGOKU V, and they aren’t happy. Apparently WVR requested some diagnosis and other medical papers to be sent from Roger and his management but nothing was sent. They also wanted Roger to fly to Japan and be checked by the WVR official doctor but he didn’t come. WVR views this as Roger abandoning, so there might be some kind of punishment. There is some additional information at

It’s impossible to know who is talking the truth in situations like these. I don’t think WVR would post a official release like this if there wasn’t any truth in it, because Roger is important to them. I don’t think Roger faked an injury either. There could have also been a misunderstanding.

In other news, Trevor Prangley told that he could possibly be fighting in DREAM soon. Prangley just won a fight over Anthony Ruiz at the Strikeforce event this past Saturday.