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K-1 Koshien 2008! Road To The Finals

December 29, 2008 3 comments

Here are almost all tournament fights of the four finalists on their road to a spot on Dynamite!!

Ryuya Kusakabe (16), the kid with the little sister:

1/16 Final: vs. Ryuma Kobe
Quarterfinal: vs. Daizo Sasaki
His little sister (13) in J-GIRLS U15 title match

HIROYA (16), the genius:

1/16 Final: vs. Kengo Sonoda
Quarterfinal: vs. Taishi Hiratsuka

Shota Shimada (17), the kid who is trained by his father who carries around a baseball bat during training:

1/16 Final: vs. Hirohito Yamaguchi
Quarterfinal: vs. Ryo Murakoshi

Koya Urabe (18), something with big brother:

No videos of his fights.


Final Preparations! DYNAMITE!!

December 29, 2008 12 comments

#16: Enjoy

Hopefully nothing bad happens before the event tomorrow. Enjoy the event whenever you’re watching. See y’all next year.

#15: Mark Hunt Vs. Melvin Manhoef!!

The perfect replacement. It was just announced that Mark Hunt and Melvin Manhoef will fight tomorrow in a DREAM Open-Weight division fight.

#14: Weigh-In Results

The weigh-in results are available at

#13: Hari Vs. Overeem II Will Be…?

Alistair said something about the second fight between him and Hari being MMA at the press conference. However, FEG president Tanigawa said that in the contract it doesn’t say that the second fight will be fought under MMA rules.

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Minowaman Vs. Zimmerman! Fight Order Announced

December 28, 2008 11 comments
Minowaman Vs. Zimmerman. -

Minowaman X Zimmerman. -

Minowaman vs. K-1 WGP 2008 Semifinalist Errol Zimmerman was added today to the huge Dynamite!! card. It will be fought under MMA rules and is in the DREAM open-weight division.

If nothing else is stated, DREAM rules are R1 1×10, R2 1×5 with a 90 second interval. K-1 and K-1 Koshien rules are 3×3 with a 60 second interval.

1×3 min. ext. for example means that in case of a draw, an extra round that is 3 minutes long decides the fight.

0. K-1 Koshien 62kg Reserve Fight: Daizo Sasaki vs. Taishi Hiratsuka

—Opening Ceremony—

1. DREAM Open-Weight: Minowaman vs. Errol Zimmerman
2. K-1 Koshien 62kg Semifinal: Ryuya Kusakabe vs. Koya Urabe
3. K-1 Koshien 62kg Semifinal: HIROYA vs. Shota Shimada
4. K-1 Middleweight 71kg (1×3 min. ext.): Yoshihiro Sato vs. Artur Kyshenko
5. DREAM Lightweight 68kg: Daisuke Nakamura vs. Hideo Tokoro
6. DREAM Welterweight 75kg: Yukio Sakaguchi vs. Andy Ologun
7. K-1 Koshien 62kg Final (1×2 min. ext.): Kusakabe/Urabe vs. HIROYA/Shimada


8. DREAM Heavyweight +93.1kg: Kinniku Mantaro vs. Bob Sapp
9. DREAM Heavyweight +93.1kg: Semmy Schilt vs. Mighty Mo
10. DREAM Welterweight 80kg: Hayato “Mach” Sakurai vs. Katsuyori Shibata
11. K-1 Middleweight 70kg: Tatsuya Kawajiri vs. Takeda Kozo
12. K-1 Open-Weight (1×3 min. ext.): Badr Hari vs. Alistair Overeem


13. DREAM Heavyweight +93.1kg: Mirko CroCop vs. Choi Hong Man
14. K-1 Open-Weight: Musashi vs. Gegard Mousasi
15. DREAM Heavyweight +93.1kg (3×5 / 60s int.): Jerome Le Banner vs. Mark Hunt
16. DREAM Lightweight 70kg: Shinya Aoki vs. Eddie Alvarez
17. DREAM Lightweight 70kg: Joachim Hansen vs. J.Z. Calvan
18. DREAM Middleweight 84kg: Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Kiyoshi Tamura

Fighting Mask Unveiled! Sharp Takedowns

December 27, 2008 1 comment
Kinniku Mantaro unveils his fighting mask. -

Kinniku Mantaro unveils fighting mask. -

The fighting mask of Kinniku Mantaro was unveiled today in a public training session at the Laughter 7 gym. In the short 2 minute spar, Kinniku Mantaro showed some impressive takedowns and armbars. He left the ring after the sparring session without saying a word (he didn’t speak during the fight announcement press conference either).

Sharp takedowns by Kinniku Mantaro. -

Sharp takedowns by Kinniku Mantaro. -

Legendary Lowkick! Takeda Kozo

December 26, 2008 Leave a comment

Takeda Kozo belonged to the rugby club in his school days and got into Kokushikan University through rugby recommendation. While attending the university, he saw a fight with Branko Cikatic in K-1 and immediately dropped out of the university to start Kickboxing.

He joined Jiseikan Gym and made his New Japan Kickboxing Federation debut on March 19th, 1995.

On January 21st in 2001, he became the fourth foreign fighter to become stadium champion as he defeated Charamdam to win the Rajadamnern Welterweight title. However, he lost the title on September 16th in that same year against a fourth ranked Thai.

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SENGOKU NO RAN 2009! Public Workouts

December 26, 2008 1 comment

There have been a lot of FEG news these last days, but SENGOKU hasn’t been forgotten as there have been many public training sessions in the last week.

First, it has been announced that on January 18th, SENGOKUG! will get an extra 30 minutes of airtime on TV Tokyo in a special SENGOKU NO RAN 2009 episode.

This fight is not striker vs. grappler. -

Kitaoka: This fight is not striker vs. grappler. -

Yoshihiro Nakao is very serious about his upcoming fight against Antonio Silva. Nakao was in a traffic accident on October 26th and had to stay in the hospital for 2 days. He is good now but he says that some damage still remains. He also says that while Fedor is called the worlds strongest, he thinks that Silva is stronger.

Nakao in good shape for Silva fight. -

Nakao in good shape for Silva fight. -

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It Just Keeps Growing And Growing! Hari Vs. Overeem Announced

December 26, 2008 Leave a comment

An additional fight was announced for Dynamite!! today. The all but official fight between Badr Hari and Alistair Overeem was announced and it will be fought under K-1 Rules.

It is also worth noting that on December 30th, an open press conference will be held at Shinjuku Station Square in Tokyo. All participants will attend this press conference.

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